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01/04/2014 | Tags: news , hardship , education

Watch as Vietnamese father transports class across flooded river

Witness fathers dedication to the village childrens’ education.

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When spring flooding prevented the children in Sam Lanh village from getting to class, one father stepped in. In an article by the Huffington Post reporting on a cell phone video posted on Vietnam’s Tuoi Tre Newspaper, a father is documented going to great lengths to get the class to school. As a flood prevented the use of the nearby suspension bridge, the father wrapped his son in a plastic bag and swam him across the river, and did so with every child in the class. According to the villagers, this must be done every spring.

This father demonstrates his unyielding dedication to children’s education. What will you do today to help? Join us! Donate!

Read the articles at Huffington Post and Tuoi Tre.

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