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01/08/2020 | Tags: organisation , VP , Media , Board , BOD , EC

VietHope's organisation update in July 2020

Tiếng Việt đọc tại đây

VietHope's organisation update in July 2020

After another year of VietHope’s operation, we are pleased to announce to our sponsors, volunteers, students and partners the new changes in VietHope’s structure. We hope that those changes will help shape our organization and implement our vision and goals. 


New VietHope Vice Presidents

VietHope would like to congratulate two volunteers - Tung Do and Mai Duong, who will join the US Executive team as Vice Presidents. Let’s meet those 2 people below!

Tung Do

Tung Do is currently a software engineer at Los Angeles, California. Before that, he had lots of experiences working as a software engineer at New York City and Silicon Valley. He has been volunteering with VietHope since 2018 and has helped build the new website for VietHope, which was completed in October, 2019. Currently, he is supervising VietHope’s technical projects and continuing to work on our website. Tung Do graduated with a bachelor degree in electrical engineering at University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign in 2012.

Mai Duong

Mai Duong has been working as a biostatistician at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research since 2019, after working at a medical device company for 1.5 years. During the Google Campaign in 2019, Mai supported VietHope as a project manager. Currently she is managing the Volunteer Project and helping VietHope with fundraising activities. She earned a bachelor degree in Mathematics and Statistics from University of Minnesota - Minneapolis, and a master in Statistics from North Carolina State University.


New Core team members

As a volunteer-based organisation, apart from 3 Directors who are executing overall operations in Vietnam, VietHope has a Core team of volunteers who are in charge of different VietHope’s programs. This model enables us to provide advanced training to potential students, create a playground for them to polish their soft skills while having a Core team will help us to refresh our activities up to the student’s most practical needs as well as build a quality manpower supporting program operations and support each other in need. Please welcome 2 youngest Core team members: Man Nguyen and Lan-Anh Tran, both are F10 students.

Man Nguyen

Mẫn is currently a third-year student, studying Information Technology at the Huế University of Science. Like many other VietHope volunteers, Mẫn started out as one of the students VietHope has had an opportunity to help. We met him for the first time in 2010 when he was a sixth grade student receiving our Merit scholarship and in 2017 he became our University Scholarship Program recipient. After that, we were able to welcome him as a participant in our Youth Development Program (Summit) in 2018. After the Summit, Mẫn decided to become a part of our volunteer team and has been a huge help in the success of various projects. 2019 was the year that Mẫn was able to attend both Summits in Huế and HCM city, this time, as a VietHope volunteer.

Mẫn has become a member of VietHope Core Team since the start of 2020 and has got started working on projects for his direct team in Huế. In the near future, hopefully, when the Covid-19 situation has gotten better, he and his team will be working on delivering activities for students such as Summit 2020, Talkshows, and Alumni Coffee.

Lan-Anh Tran

Lan-Anh Tran is a former F10 student and a current active volunteer of VietHope. Born to a farming family of 5 with only half a hectare of crops, Lan-Anh was forced to bear familial burdens in the midst of her studies. Luckily, with VietHope's helping hand, Lan-Anh received an opportunity to participate in the Youth Development Program (Summit), from which she remembered the words ""Mọi người ơi, mọi người ơi," which translates to "Everyone, everyone," a symbolic gesture of how VietHope had become her new, close-knit and inclusive family.

This motivational love and connection nurtured by the VietHope family enabled her to become the impactful individual she is today. Lan-Anh is currently a third year majoring in Analytical Chemistry under VNU-HCMC's University of Natural Sciences. From the opportunity of being a recipient of the USP scholarship in 2017 and a participant in the Summit in 2018, she is one of our youngest and very active members since 2018 and a part of the VietHope Core team leading the Summit (YDP) and Merit (MDP) Programs.


New Media team members

In the past few months, VietHope has been taking on a more active role on social media, as a way to better connect with potential and existing donors, as well as to bring more value to students through our content. To further expand our outreach efforts, the Social Media team recently introduced their new team members, who will be joining in a range of different projects, including content for Facebook pages, website, and newsletter (yes this one too!). 

Mai Luu - a high school student with some experience in social media management - will be a new content creator for our main Facebook page. 

My-Tran - an active third-year university student who has been involved in multiple student organizations - will help us with Facebook content for students and newsletter. 

Hoang-Linh Nguyen - With her background in website management, she will be working on managing and improving the performance of our website. 

Ngoc Nguyen - a digital marketer who will be working on a survey project to gain insights about the students' needs, and from there, helping us come up with content that is most relevant to our students across our channels. 

Together with Brandon Nguyen (US), Truong-Sinh Nguyen (US) and Tinh Nguyen (VN) - our current Media team member, we are very excited to welcome these new talented volunteers to our VietHope family! Can't wait to see how they will grow in their roles and how VietHope will grow as a result of their amazing work!


Board of Director update

VietHope has recently sent our thank-you and farewell messages to the two members of the Board of Directors - Tien-Anh and Uyen-Khanh. Meanwhile, we would like to welcome Tue Nguyen as a new member of the Board of Directors!

Tien-Anh has been with the Board of Directors for 6 years, while Uyen-Khanh has been not only a member on the Board of Directors for 8 years but also a long-term VietHope volunteer for another 19 years before that. She is also one of the founders of VietHope in 2002. With their enthusiasm and passion about VietHope, Tien-Anh and Uyen-Khanh have contributed greatly to the work of the Board and VietHope in general during their time with VietHope, from organizing fundraising events and helping find new executive in Vietnam to providing strategic advices on the development of VietHope, social media channels, and reactions towards COVID-19.


Tue Nguyen is quite well-known to VietHopers in the Bay Area, since he and his wife Quyen have been hosting Appreciation Dinner for VietHope at their private property at Redwood City. They are very familiar with VietHope’s activities as well as every VietHopers in the US team, such as Sam, Tien & Mary, Uyen Khanh & Eoin, Nam Tran - a first president of VietHope years ago and so soon. Before his retirement, Tue Nguyen earned a PhD degree in pharmacy and joined Genetech as a scientist. He worked at Genetech for 20 years and held a leadership position in the science field. Tue Nguyen said that he loved working with VietHope because VietHope has a lot of talented and educated young people who want to make this world a better place for younger generations. He is also very excited to know that VietHope has changed from a “helping to survive” model to a more realistic model which equips young people with necessary skills to thrive in this modern society.

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