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01/04/2014 | Tags: USP

The Scholar Report: Thien Nguyen and Vinh Trang

Over the last decade, more than 4,000 lives were touched by your generosity.

Many of those recipients have become great men and women who will build a foundation for many generations to come. Many stories could be told of them. We are delighted to introduce to you two individuals to whom you have helped so that their lives and stories may inspire and remind us all of the value of education


Thien Nguyen

Program: USP –2007

College: HCM – University of Technology

Major: Civil Engineering – Construction Engineering and Management

Thien Nguyen was born in a big family of six siblings. Thien and his youngest sister were the first to graduate from college in his family. In 2007, he left Quang Tri, a small province, to pursue a college degree at HCMUT, one of the well-ranked technology schools in Vietnam.

The first year in college was hard, as Thien recalled. He biked miles each day to work after school as a tutor in order to pay for his expenses in college, teaching four to five students to cover his tuition and expenses. Months prior to receiving the scholarship, his hometown was hit by four typhoons, which brought great difficulty to his hometown, including his parents who were fisherman.

Thien said that the scholarship was helpful to cover tuition for that semester and for expenses during that difficult time. However, above and beyond the money, he was excited to meet friends and connect with people through VietHope. The scholarship was a token of generosity and friendship, something which he still remembers today.

Thien graduated from college three years ago. Today, he is a construction manager, building commercial and residential properties. Giving back, he is the chairman for association of fellow-countrymen of Quang Tri, a network of people from his province who live in Saigon. He also participates in multiple charity events, promoting scholarship and education in his former high school, helping young students to prepare for college’s entrance exams. He also participates in different organizations to help orphans around the city where he lives.


Vinh Trang

Like many of our students, Vinh was the first in his family to graduate from college. Vinh recalled VietHope as a great network to connect with young enthusiasts who want to make a world a better place. Vinh still keeps the picture that he took with other VietHope scholarship recipients from when he received the University Scholarship in 2006.

In college, Vinh was highly active in social and charitable events and was the president of his class. As a medical student, he has volunteered in medical organizations to help the poor in Saigon and surrounding areas. In addition, he also volunteered for Green Summer Program, a national volunteer event for young students to give back to community by teaching high-school students and building houses for the poor.

After many years of schooling, today he is a doctor, helping many patients. He works six days a week, and still manages to volunteer during the weekend to help poor patients in Saigon. Vinh is also an active member of BCB, a non-profit organization assisting parents in raising and caring for children. Talking about his future plans, he is applying for graduate school for Master of Medicine. Finally, he hopes to participate and contribute in VietHope’s future events and expand his circle of friends.

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