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25/12/2019 | Tags: USP , thank you , scholarship

Thank you letter from Tran Thi Thuy Mi - USP 2019 recipient

Tran Thi Thuy Mi is a VietHope first-year student majoring Korean Studies and attending VNUHCM-University of Social Sciences and Humanities just this year of 2019. As simple as this may seem, going to college was her biggest dream, and VietHope fulfilled it by enabling such opportunity in the midst of her family’s economic hardships. Prior to her acceptance, her family had brought a halt to her educational career due to financial circumstances, during which she became increasingly desperate and thought that all her efforts had amounted to nothing. However, receiving a scholarship from VietHope transformed her life for the better. She can study and learn with no fear and wishes that VietHope may continue its operations and offer similar miracles for future generations of struggling Vietnamese individuals. 

Tran Thi Thuy Mi is one of many examples of how VietHope embodies a shining beacon of hope for the far less fortunate and is willing to take as many steps necessary to bring about even just a smile on the faces of these individuals who thirst for a better future both for themselves, their families, and others similar to them through education. These scholarships offer not only a platform for individuals like Tran Thi Thuy Mi to rise from nearly nothing, but also a community of hope and aspirers lending each other a helping hand.

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