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25/12/2019 | Tags: USP , scholarship , thank you

Thank you letter from Tran Thi Kim Uyen - USP 2019 recipient



Tran Thi Kim Uyen received the USP Scholarship in 2019 and cannot express enough gratitude for the timing with which she was offered this opportunity. She is now a student of Accounting at the University of Economics HCMC. 

Born in a poor rural area, her mother raised her alone with the desire to study and help the community of individuals poor like her family. With a mind for the future well-being early on, she worked hard to reach the university of her dreams. Being offered the USP scholarship, to her, remains one of the biggest stepping stones in her life, potentially even a turning point in her life. She still remembers her interview for the scholarship like it happened yesterday, filled with a plethora of indescribable emotions. Telling herself that this was an opportunity for her to continue writing her dreams, she pushed forward and entered the community of VietHope, describing it as a warm and supportive family. She describes VietHope as a spreading fire of motivation for many individuals like her, providing individuals with a pair of wings for them to conquer their dreams and overcome their challenges, so that in the future, they may help the next generation of youth that must endure unfortunate upbringings. Though it seems that VietHope is the primary change in her life, VietHope simply provided her with an opportunity, and it was her will, her passion, and her unwavering motivation to persevere and achieve her dreams despite her impoverished upbringing. As such, she hopes that VietHope may also provide a similar step up in the right direction for individuals like her because she knows that many Vietnamese individuals have just as strong a desire to have an education and change their and others’ lives for the better as hers. To sum up VietHope’s efforts, it is a harbinger of continual change and transformation for many unfortunate Vietnamese individuals.


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