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25/12/2019 | Tags: USP , thank you , scholarship

Thank you letter from Nguyen Van Hoang - USP 2019 recipient




A recipient of the USP scholarship, Văn Hoàng Nguyễn is now a first year student at VNUHCM-University of Social Sciences and Humanities. To what he calls a “priceless gift but also a joy and great encouragement”, Van commends VietHope as an organization that has transformed his life not just financially, but also emotionally. One can only imagine how devastating and exhaustive his family situation can be. His mom’s mental illness has rendered her nearly helpless and delusional while his sisters have married off far away. His father, as the only caretaker of the family, works hard day and night and tries to earn and save every cent he works for in hopes of eventually paying back the debt. Van describes the stressful work that has had a toll on his father as causing “grey hairs and filled with sweat, and hurting joints from the cold”.

From this once in a lifetime offer, he has discovered a way to rise once again with a newfound energy and motivation to overcome his difficult family situation while realizing the power with which VietHope can help many other impoverished individuals in a situation similar to his. He has not only matured to overlook his family dilemmas but also to have an eye to see what others are going through. The USP scholarship has ultimately aided his family situation with living costs as well studying, and in return, he hopes to not disappoint anyone with this opportunity as he hopes to repay other poor students by performing meaningful social work in the future like the work VietHope is offering to him.



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