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25/12/2019 | Tags: USP , scholarship , thank you

Thank you letter from Le Thi Tuong Vy - 2019 USP recipient

To: VietHope’s Board of Directors, and all Donors/Sponsors

First, I would like to introduce myself as Vy Thi Tuong Le, a first-year student studying Veterinary Science at Hue University. Receiving the USP scholarship has been one of the biggest and most thoughtful events in my life. I am extremely emotional and grateful for this opportunity that this scholarship has opened up for me.

I was born into a family living in an impoverished and isolated countryside, where my family was constantly worrying about food and clothes. My parents are farmers, of old age, and growing sick, yet through day or night, rain or shine, they are always in the fields, to the point where they may even sacrifice selling their lands or their backs just to nurture and ensure my sister and I go to college. For my parents, my future, and society as a whole, I never once stopped studying so I may pass and attend Hue University. The USP scholarship truly means so much to me and is such a blessing to me during this difficult time. When I received an invitation to attend an interview session, I was so overjoyed. I became anxious and nervous, but with the friendly and encouraging help of the VietHope family, I regained my confidence and composure. I am truly grateful to all of you. Also through the same interview, I had the opportunity to talk to other interviewers and friends who also underwent the interview process; I was able to better understand VietHope as an organization, the USP Scholarships, and VietHope's meaningful community and volunteer activities. Everything VietHope offers has been very helpful for me as well as for the community as a whole, as a great motivation for us to look forward to and pursue a brighter future.

I am very honored and happy to have the opportunity to receive a scholarship. My dreams may be unfulfilled at the moment, I will forever remember that this scholarship has enabled me to spend hours and hours more to write a brighter and beautiful future ahead of me. In addition, I get to experience the life-changing and amazing experiences and activities organized by VietHope. I believe that these activities will help me to improve myself more and more to ultimately make life and society beautiful.

Lastly, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to VietHope and all donors for enabling these meaning scholarships. We promise that we will persevere and strive to train ourselves both in learning and in community activities, so we will not let the trust and hope that VietHope has bestowed upon us go to waste.

One more time, I wish to send my thanks and wish everyone in VietHope as well as the donors good health. May VietHope continue to grow and spread the hope that they have bestowed upon me.


Vy Thi Tuong Le

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