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12/09/2017 | Tags: 2017 , donor party , thank you

Thank you for attending VietHope’s Donor Appreciation Party

Dear VietHope kind donors,

Thank you so much for attending our VietHope Annual Donor Appreciation Party on Sat Sep 9th 2017.

The party was a great success. We were proud to showcase the progress of YWP and YDP, and moved by the success stories of our 5 MERIT students. We were also excited to introduce to the guests our two talented VietHope Directors in Vietnam, Dong and Thanh. Never before has VietHope ever felt so connected to our guests and donors! 

Please let us know any feedback you might have, so we can improve our next VietHope event. Again, thank you for your attendance and your continuous support of VietHope. Please let us know if you’d like to follow up on anything you’ve talked about or seen at the party.


On behalf of all of us at VietHope

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