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11/08/2018 | Tags: YDP , Summit , 2018 , happiness

Summit 2018 - Happiness is the way

July has passed but all is still here...

For those who have participated in VietHope's YDP, July is the month of beautiful memories. For those who receive VietHope USP scholarship, July is an exciting month: Anxiously waiting for news every day and then emotionally overwhelmed yet filled with a newfound energy upon receiving an email announcing acceptance into YDP. Indeed, something itself may be simple but the little details and finer things in life can make one happy and fulfilled: one of which comes from July - the month of VietHope Summit.

Another Summit season is over, the feeling is just like yesterday. Just the night before they were going to march on the road, "I couldn't sleep all night because of fear," fearing where they were going would be unknown and unfamiliar. They are afraid of how their encounters with new people will be. They are afraid because they are not confident. 26 young people from 6 universities: Can Tho University, University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City, University of Medicine and Pharmacy, HCM City University of Science, University of Science studying social sciences and Humanities of Ho Chi Minh City and Foreign Trade University of Ho Chi Minh City. They all come from very different places–worlds–yet they learn to overcome such initial fears and surprises.

Interwoven with skill learning sessions, students are also given opportunities for sharing sessions, fun activities to better understand and love each other. F10's Summit can be said to have created a connection among them very successfully. From the small program Letter to you, the words, words of comfort and encouragement that are difficult to open now have the opportunity to be uttered. Does anyone remember the Ground the Rules table, please raise your hand! This is the result that F10 and its volunteers spent the first meeting just to set the rules for the time to study and live together.

Not just the F10 students but so too did Summit 2018 volunteers look forward to July and have been very happy to join YDP this year. Summit 2018 is only 6 days, as fast as a blink of an eye, but to produce a successful Summit season is a long process. Trying to plan the program as early as possible, every volunteer came out with "messy hair," strenuously exhausted from working hard on developing the program. Meetings continue until late at night, even extending into weekends just for the preparation of the Summit. There are moments filled with "burning" debates out of the desire to bring an effective and impactful Summit to these young students. But through thick and thin at the end of it all, the whole team remains overjoyed, happy with the service they do so devoutly dedicate themselves to, because "Happiness is the way we walk on". In particular, Summit 2018 is the first time that VietHope volunteers have participated in Hue with the purpose of learning and gaining experience to succeed and expand the Summit in Hue, showing that VietHope always wants more and more to further develop and help the struggling yet energetic young Vietnamese individuals.

After all, Summit 2018 has ended with many special events, useful knowledge and unforgettable memories. July is over but it's like the precious moments are still there, persisting even beyond time. VietHope hopes this will be a cornerstone for students to step firmly into life. Always be confident and remember, you always have a great supportive VietHope family behind you!

Welcome F10 to VietHope family!!!

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