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20/04/2019 | Tags: USP , ceremony , 2018

Summary of USP 2018-2019

Tiếng Việt xem tại đây

2018 USP received scholarships from students from 7 universities across the country, including the newly expanded Hue University of Economics. The year 2018 became the first year of the program to supplement the online application method, facilitating student submissions for scholarships. For this year, 292 Vietnamese individuals applied for scholarships and through the screening process according to the criteria, 172 students were accepted for interviews and finally 112 students were awarded the scholarship. Each scholarship worth $300 has contributed to supporting and easing the academic costs of disadvantaged freshmen upon entering a college environment, and even then, the financial costs remain difficult to bear for most students.

This year's scholarship program has developed and expanded new features since the program's initiation. With the theme of The Youth's Journey, the development of an open forum where guest speakers talk of their experiences has brought motivation, love to life, and inspiration to persevere in their work and studies for many first-year students. From this remarkable exposure to such forum rise the steps of "walking" - walk fast, walk confidently, walk strongly of the youth.

Thus, USP 2018 not only offered the scholarships awarded to support the learning of freshman students but also reinforced the beliefs and motivations to encourage them to walk firmly and confidently. We wish you to always study well, always maintain in yourselves the power to rise and firmly believe in your future. Welcome to VietHope family!

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