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12/12/2016 | Tags:president

President’s letter Quarter 3 – 2016

Dear VietHope friend,

I am elated to announce the success of VietHope’s inaugural Youth Development Program’s week-long summit in Hue, Central Vietnam, this past August. This is an important milestone for our relentless effort of reaching out to and supporting more poor students in Central Vietnam, where median household income is 30-40% lower than Vietnam’s national average. Watching our Viethope scholarship students achieve great success after years of hard work brings me much-needed hope and reaffirms my faith in the critical role of education for a brighter future. I hope you will feel the same after reading this letter.

Youth Development Program’s Summit in Hue

VietHope’s Youth Development Program in Saigon has been our most successful effort of training and inspiring young Vietnamese students to become engaged and compassionate members of society. Most YDP alumni go on to become active volunteers with either VietHope or other NGOs in Vietnam. We have worked hard in the last 3-4 years to bring YDP to Hue in Central Vietnam, the country’s poorest and most disaster-prone region: fundraising in the U.S, building up the local volunteer team, and creating new training curriculum for the YDP expansion to Hue.

All this preparation has enabled us to host 25 students at our first YDP summit in Hue during the week of August 21st this year. VietHope’s team of 20 volunteers from Hue, Da Nang, and Saigon provided individual mentorship and training of valuable work skillsets that students do not learn in Vietnamese schools, such as project management and communication. Unlike their Saigon’s counterparts, Hue students practiced these skills with more agriculture-oriented projects such as educating farmers on new farming techniques.

A big congratulations to the local volunteer team led by a 10-year VietHope veteran, chi Thu Hue, as well as the executive team under the direction of anh Phong, VietHope’s Executive Director in Vietnam. Below is a picture of the Hue’s team (chi Thu Hue on the far left).

Youth Workshop Program: The Importance of Reading
The Youth Workshop Program, a sibling program of YDP, now enters its 4th quarter with amazing momentum. The YWP team hosted the biggest workshop yet in September with more than 120 students and young professionals. The workshop’s panel discussed the importance of reading, as well as steps to build a healthy reading habit.


Participant ’responses were overwhelmingly positive. A student from the University of Medicine commented: “I learned a great amount about the arts of reading from the workshop: how to think critically and truly mastering a book’s topic instead of just racing to finish as many pages as possible. I was genuinely surprised by how much experience and great advice the panelists had for the audience!”

That’s it! We hope that you enjoy hearing in detail about these programs. Please continue your generous support to build a stronger VietHope so we can serve many more deserving students in Vietnam. Online donations for students can be made at our website. If you prefer airmail, you can mail your checks to:

340 S Lemon Ave #9666
Walnut, CA 91789, USA.

The VietHope Executive Committee
Quang Duong, President
Viet-Anh Tran, Vice President
Dat Le, Vice President

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