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03/05/2016 | Tags: president

President’s letter Quarter 1 – 2016 and Summary of 2015

Dear VietHope friends,

On behalf of the entire VietHope organization, we would like to sincerely thank you for your generous donation and support this past year. Your gift has empowered driven, talented, and disadvantaged students in Vietnam to further their education and to ultimately catalyze Vietnam’s socioeconomic development for many years to come.  In this letter, I want to give you a summary of VietHope’s financials in 2015 and an glimpse into our directions in 2016.

Where Did My Donation Go?

In 2015, our dedicated volunteers raised over $59,000 in donations to support VietHope’s work throughout Ho Chi Minh City, Hue, and the Mekong Delta.  The charts below show the distribution of those funds to various programs and operating expenses:


Personnel and Operating Expenses 27.46%
Scholarships 60.01%
Education Programs 12.53%



  # of Scholarship Applications # of Scholarships given Amount per scholarship Total Amount
USP 240 80 $  200 $   16000
MSP 215 160 $  120 $   19200

In short, we invested directly your money in 240 unique students from 6th grade to university level who are financially disadvantaged but have very high potential.


  # of Student participants Amount spent per student Total Amount
Grace 101 $  24 $  2424
YDP 29 $  171 $   4956

In 2016, VietHope will leverage our accomplished staff to:
What Are VietHope’s Future Plans?

  • Invest in Vietnam’s youth with deeper and broader impact, giving 150 Merit scholarships and 90 USP scholarships. YDP in particular will be doubled in number as we will be expanding this hugely successful education program for college students in Hue.
  • Begin a rigorous process to track data about our students in order to have better insights into how effective our scholarships are.
  • Continue building our talent pipeline to leverage the best volunteers to run VietHope and make our donors proud.

Furthermore, to better connect with our supporters and donors in this challenging but rewarding journey together, we would like to ask for your feedback in this 2-minute survey at https://goo.gl/EqJ5Y0. We highly value your feedback to help us extend our program for greater impacts.

Thank you for your time and support. I hope that you will continue your generous support to build a stronger VietHope so we can serve many more deserving students in Vietnam. Online donations for students can be made at our website. If you prefer airmail, you can mail your checks to:

340 S Lemon Ave #9666

Walnut, CA 91789, USA.




The VietHope Executive Committee

Quang Duong, President

Viet-Anh Tran, Vice President

Dat Le, Vice President

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