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23/04/2015 | Tags: president , 2015

President’s letter Quarter 1 – 2015

Dear VietHope’s friends,

For many years, you have supported low-income students in Vietnam through our work. At VietHope, we have the team, the heart, and the skills to implement our scholarship programs. You add the community and the financial resources to make that happen, and we are grateful for your partnership. Together, day by day, we are building a community of like-minded people who share the same goals.

This letter is the start of a new way we will communicate with you.  On a regular basis, we will send you a President’s Letter.  Our goal for this letter is twofold.  First, establish the sense that you are hearing directly from the President of the organization (you can reply anytime).  Second, make our product delivery “just-in-time.”   That means less editorial work for us, and more frequent updates for you, so that you feel good about “receiving” the product that you support.

In this first letter, I want to share two important updates with you – The results from our 2014 E-Campaign, and a leadership transition within VietHope.

2014 E-Campaign Results

 At the end of last year, many of you supported us through our e-campaign which raised over $20,000.  In late December, we delivered those and other funds raised throughout the year to Vietnam, to support students in grades 6-12 (Merit Scholarships) and in universities (USP scholarships).  In Vietnam, our volunteers excitedly worked together to organize award ceremonies at local schools, bringing scholarship recipients together in an atmosphere of family, celebration and hope.  The ceremonies marked the start of these students’ journeys with VietHope.  This year, 249 students in Hue, the Mekong Delta and Saigon celebrated their new year with hope.  Please see attached a few snapshots of the hope and joy that you helped create!

Students also wrote notes to thank their supporters (you!) whom they had never met.  The attached are words from their hearts to you.  I was particularly moved and inspired by these words from Lieu Nguyen, a high school freshman in Hue:

“During the last 4 school years, it was exactly your caring and concern that helped me overcome my challenges, rise above in my studies, and develop my capacity to become useful to society and the community.  The gift you gave may not be much to everyone, but it is a great and priceless gift for me, so that I can learn and grow better.” Words like these remind me of how thoughtful our students are and how much they can achieve.  Thank you for believing in them!

VietHope Leadership Transition

 The end of 2014 marked the end of my two-year term as VietHope President.  At our annual retreat in January 2015, we discussed and voted in a new leadership team for 2015-16. I am excited to introduce to you VietHope’s new Executive Committee for 2015-16.  They are Quang Duong (San Francisco), Dat Le (Dartmouth) and Viet-Anh Tran (New York City).  Quang D. previously served as Vice President.  He has deep experience in running the organization.  Dat and Viet-Anh are two newer faces, but have contributed significantly in their short time with us.  You can read more about the new leadership team here.

This team has a terrific vision for the next two years and I have full confidence in their leadership.  I am excited to see VietHope continue to grow with them!

As part of the transition, Vi Nguyen (our other EC member) and I will move to the Board of Directors.  In this capacity, Vi and I will continue to guide VietHope forward.

As I step down from the President’s role, I want to thank you all again with the most sincerity.  Over these past two years, I have been grateful for your willingness to pitch in, your generosity with hard-earned funds, and your simple belief that we can do something for a better world.  Personally, I have grown greatly in the through this amazing leadership opportunity.  I owe much of that to mentorship and feedback from you, and sometimes, just a simple vote of confidence by your support of VietHope.

I wish you and your loved ones an excellent Year of the Goat.  I am excited for the next chapter of VietHope that we’ll continue to write together.

Quang Tran Some thank you letters from our 2014 scholars:Our 2014 Scholars Thank You_Page_3Our 2014 Scholars Thank You_Page_4Our 2014 Scholars Thank You_Page_5Our 2014 Scholars Thank You_Page_6  And some photos from our 2014’s Merit and USP scholarship ceremonies:

Photos - Merit and USP Ceremonies 2014_Page_11Photos - Merit and USP Ceremonies 2014_Page_10Photos - Merit and USP Ceremonies 2014_Page_09Photos - Merit and USP Ceremonies 2014_Page_07Photos - Merit and USP Ceremonies 2014_Page_06Photos - Merit and USP Ceremonies 2014_Page_05Photos - Merit and USP Ceremonies 2014_Page_04President's letter Q1 - 2015

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