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18/11/2018 | Tags: Hue , venture , YDP

Our YDP student venture in Hue city just launched!

When people ask why we love what we do, it’s because of these moments when the students in our University Scholarship Program & Youth Development Summit (F9 – 2017) successfully launched their venture in Hue city: growing and supplying healthy, organic produce to the community, starting with pennywort, squash greens, and sweet potato vines. These students have seen their crop almost destroyed by the flood in Thua Thien Hue Province during the monsoon and flooding season of 2017. But just like their growers, the plants persevered, and are now proudly on the market to promote a healthy, environmental-friendly and sustainable diet. We are inspired everyday by this knowledgeable, responsible, and thoughtful younger generation of farmers and growers.

If you are around Hue city, support this project from Rau Xanh Sach group, Hue College of Agriculture & Forestry and follow their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/RauSachHUAF/posts/436595426799625

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