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01/10/2019 | Tags: Merit , USP , Summit , YDP , Hue

Nguyen Chanh Man - A VietHope student since 2010

Nguyen Chanh Man is a student of the F10 generation of Summit Hue. Man received Merit scholarship in grade sixth (2010). His father passed away when he was 4 years old, so his mother had to work hard to support her three children to go to school by selling vegetables at the market. At that time, the family was poor and tough because his mother was the main labourer and the shanty house they were living was on borrowed land. However, Man still studied hard and received the Merit scholarship until the end of high school (6 years in a row), then continued to receive the USP scholarship when he entered the university. Now he is a junior at Hue University of Science, majoring in Information Technology.


He shares that the most valuable thing he got when going to college was the one-week journey to Summit which changed his mind completely. The soft skills taught at university can never be as good as the ones at Summit. He finds that his Communication skills better than his classmates, because he has the opportunity to speak, to express feelings or to present during the 7 days at Summit. Thanks to Project Management skill that he learned in Summit, he can apply a lot to some projects. For example, he is now working as a designer for an online marketing group after school. He says that the recap program and night activities Ms Dao (volunteer) made for them are so meaningful that he wants to stay with VietHope for a long time. This led to his decision to become a volunteer for both Hue and Saigon Summit.

There are a lot of things to say about VietHope, but if he had to choose one, it would be “VietHope is a home which evokes my feelings and I think no other organizations can do that.”

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