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25/05/2020 | Tags: MDP , Merit , scholarship , ceremony

Merit Development Program (Merit) scholarship ceremony in May 2020

Tiếng Việt đọc tại đây

Merit Development Program (MDP-Merit) scholarship ceremony in Cần Giờ in May 2020

On May 17, 2020 in Can Gio District (HCMC), the Merit Development Program (MDP or Merit) scholarship award ceremony was held for 83 disadvantaged but talented, passion-driven students from 3 high schools. The Covid-19 pandemic delayed the awarding of the scholarships, but VietHope worked hard to bring these scholarships to the students as soon as conditions permitted.

The 2019-2020 school year was the first year VietHope has worked directly with the three schools in Can Gio: Can Thanh Junior High School, Long Hoa Junior High School and Can Thanh High School. This partnership in effect broadens the scope of VietHope’s search for deserving students with potential who are forced to live under difficult circumstances, and helps to connect schools even more in VietHope activities.

At 8:00 am, in the peaceful morning sun of Can Gio island district, with thoughtful preparation and enthusiasm, the representatives of VietHope Management Board include Mr. Le Tien Phong, Ms. Phuong Thanh and 6 VietHope volunteers. All were present at Long Hoa Secondary School and started the awarding ceremony for 17 students of Long Hoa Secondary School and 27 students of Can Thanh Secondary School. Representatives of the school include Ms. Loan - Principal of Long Hoa School, Teacher Duc - General Manager of Can Thanh Secondary School and the homeroom teachers of the students who received the scholarships.

Students waiting for checking in the ceremony

Washing hands before entering the school hall

VietHope and school representatives

Ice-breaking games with students

Anh Phong Le - VietHope Executive Director in Vietnam to give certificates to students

Cô Loan Huynh - principal of Long Hoa Secondary School to give certificates to students

School teachers and volunteers supporting the scholarship ceremony


After finishing the ceremony at Long Hoa Secondary School, the volunteers quickly moved to Can Thanh High School to continue to award 39 scholarships. The school's representatives included Ms. Tham - the school's vice principal and the homeroom teachers of MDP students.


Anh Phong Le - VietHope representative and cô Tham - Can Thanh high school representative to prepare necessary documents for the ceremony


The opening ceremony was the exciting part of the volunteers to help stabilize the students. After that, the Can Thanh High School MC opened the ceremony, followed by representatives of the schools as well as VietHope made a speech about the MDP scholarship program and encouraged the students to persevere and continue to pursue their learning efforts.

Ice-breaking games

VietHope and school representatives to give speeches

Students received certificates from the MDP program, took pictures with school and VietHope representatives, then the students' representatives gave a thank-you note to VietHope. At the end of the ceremony, the students left with radiant joy, of course, without forgetting to send VietHope a simple yet genuine thank-you letter.

Giving certificates to high school students

Student representative to read her thank you letter

Students to queue up for receiving scholarship money

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