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03/10/2019 | Tags: USP , Summit , YDP

Le Duy Linh - a multi-talented star

Le Duy Linh received USP scholarship in 2018 and just participated in Summit this year. For only a week, he charmed everyone in the camp with his multi talents, a heart of gold and grits.

Le Duy Linh

His family is a near poor household in Tra Vinh province. They have no farm and no land property. The family with 5 children lives mainly on small income of parents, 3 of his brothers left school early to work as builders. His mother has to take care of his younger brother in 9th grade and 2 grandchildren as her daugther-in-law got sick from End Stage Renal Disease.

Understanding his mother’s worry, Linh went to Saigon as soon as finishing national high school exam to start earning money for future study. From working as a waiter in a street pub to working in street food stalls and leaflet givers; now thanks to the support, he has 2 part-time jobs: tutor and internet cafe watcher and is able to send a little to support his mother in hometown.

USP scholarship has helped him a lot in covering the tuition fee, buying more textbooks, reducing part-time working hours. Linh admits he has never been to such a meaningful program like Summit. Not only does he obtain important soft skills but he also gets a network of good friends and brothers/sisters. Summit motivates Linh to grow himself and became an unforgettable hallmark during his youth. Nothing to regrets on his decision to join Summit.

Majoring in Electronics-Telecommunication, he passionately pursue his plan of studying abroad in Japan after graduation. He knows his fear of learning foreign languages but it won’t scare him anymore. Currently he is studying Japanese for over a month and will try to study harder besides keeping up with good result in major subjects and balancing his part-time job.

To relax, he usually plays music. Linh can play guitar, flute, drum and kalimba, mostly learn by himself. He can also sing and compose music in different genres (pop, bolero, rap). He even learns how to create video clip and remix music via Youtube. As humble as he is, he said he is not specifically good at one but like to keep all balanced.

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