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01/04/2014 | Tags: news , education , PISA

Education in Vietnam: High scores but low enrollment

The OECD recently released Vietnam’s high PISA scores, but they also highlight underlying drop-out rate problem.

The Economist recently reported on the OECD’s results from its Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA). Vietnam joined the test for the first time, and scored remarkably well, ranking 17th out of 65 countries, ahead of the US and Britain in Math. Christian Bodewig of the World Bank commends the high ranking as a positive testament to Vietnam’s investment in education, but contrasts the result with the low enrollment rate of just 65%, as compared to 89% in America and 98% in Britain, because so many poor and disadvantaged Vietnamese students drop out of school.

Update your knowledge about education in Vietnam and read the rest of the article from The Economist.


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