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01/10/2019 | Tags: Merit , student

Bui Kim Oanh - Merit scholarship recipient

Oanh is one of the most special students in Merit Scholarship Program 2018. Her determination against her family conditions impressed us the most.



Her family has 5 members: her parents, two sisters and Oanh. All her family have to live in a tight and small house. Oanh’s father is the breadwinner, the main family income is only leaned on him. He did anything from fishing in the sea to working as a hired man. But fishing work depends too much on the weather, so the income is not stable. Besides, her father has a backache so he could not go fishing often, which made it more difficult for Oanh’s family. Oanh’s mother spends most of time doing housework and taking care of her studying daughters and grandchildren at home. Nevertheless, she never denies giving a helping hand to those who have financial difficulty like her.  Although Oanh’s oldest sister got married, she couldn’t help much for her family. The next sister of Oanh is a second-year student. Although she works as well as study to lessen the burden for the family, she still needs her family support until she’s got a full time job.

Understanding the difficulties of the family, Oanh constantly tries to study well and helps her mother to do housework in free time. Since receiving Merit scholarship in 2014, Oanh has never rested on thinking about her family hardship. During the summer break, she even found a part-time job in order to cover the expense but she was not old enough.

Although the family difficulty affects her study results, she did not give up and said she still wanted to continue her education by all means. She believes that education is the only way to change her life. Her family attitude and her determination deserve our support!




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