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15/08/2018 | Tags: ADP , Cafe , study abroad , 2018

Alumni Café – An open space where Alumni meet and share experiences and skills

At the beginning of 2018, the first Alumni Cafe with the theme "Study Abroad & Study Abroad Scholarship" took place with the participation of alumni in Saigon with the sharing of special guests, together. Let's take a look at the "impressive" profiles of our guests on "studying abroad"!

Ms. Da Huynh

Linh Da graduated from Foreign Trade University in 2011, then worked at Ikea Vietnam until 2013. From there, Ms. Da moved to Ikea at Thuy Dien (headquarters) from 2013 to 2016 with the position of Sourcing Developer (equivalent to Supply chain Manager). Ms. Linh Da was awarded an MBA at Harvard Business School in 2016-2018. Her reason to study for an MBA is to own an internationally recognized qualification so she can comfortably work and live anywhere. Moreover, MBA is a type of Master program consisting of practicing management and networking skills, a skill lacking in many Vietnamese individuals and thus crucial when coming out to work in the international environment.

Ms. Hai Chau

Chau is a second-year student at Stanford University, USA, intending to study biochemistry. Chau is fully supported by the school. Chau attended 10th grade at High School For The Gifted, then completed two years of high school in Australia thanks to a full scholarship. Studying abroad from one country to another is not uncommon - don't be afraid to change! Although it was not an easy decision for her to emigrate from the country, Chau's decision to move out stemmed from the fact that she found the less (almost no) competitive environment in Australia was not the right fit for her. Chau shared that she has never regretted her decision and is enjoying her current learning environment at Stanford.

Ms. Ha Huynh

Very familiar with VietHope Alumni and are very well loved, she is currently Deputy Director of VCCI Ho Chi Minh City Trade Information Center. As a former alumnus of Le Hong Phong High School for the Gifted, Minh Ha graduated with a Bachelor's degree in International Relations from the Institute of International Relations, Vietnam and a Master's degree in Marketing Management from Bath University, UK. With her experience in the process of "hunting" British and Australian scholarships and 10 years of experience working in Vietnam and abroad in the field of marketing and trade promotion - investment, she has witnessed many stories of success and failure and wishes to share with students about her many practical stories to better equip them with a more solid awareness for themselves when coming from school to life and a greater realization of their dream to reach out around the world.

Ms. Thu Nguyen

Thu has just graduated from San Jose State University with a bachelor's degree in Biochemistry and a bachelor's degree in business administration. Thu is currently in a gap-year year before attending medical school (medical school in the US is equivalent to a PhD, not a bachelor's degree like in Vietnam). Thu is working as a finance manager and designing extracurricular programs for students at Stanford University.

While still in college, Thu received more than 10 large and small school scholarships (John Neptune, Herbert and Nell Richards, Undergraduate Research Grant, General Endownment Scholarship) of the US government (National Science Foundation) and large corporations (Thermo Fisher Scientific Corporation). While studying at university, Thu studied and worked at various jobs, from teaching assistant to classroom teacher for American students. After college, Thu has just been awarded a partial scholarship by a medical school in the US for 4 years of medical school. Medical schools in the United States rarely give scholarships to students studying to become doctors because of the low rate of medical students accepted by each school: The acceptance being only 1-2% (ie 100 out of 10,000 candidates apply) while at the same time doctors make very high salaries, further explaining the lack of scholarships. Before deciding to apply for a medical school (MD), Thu was encouraged by her teachers to pursue a PhD in Biochemistry, so Thu has knowledge of these programs and wants to help students be more aware of such opportunities in natural science fields for studying abroad because there are more scholarships of this type. With such a knowledgable experience, Thu has much to offer for doctors graduating from Vietnamese universities who may be interested in studying abroad.

Mr. Khoi Nguyen

Mr. Khoi is currently a graduate student in creative management, a cooperation program between Trento University and Sant'Anna University, Italy. Sant'Anna is part of Italy's major school system and one of the top 10 young schools in the world in 2017. The curriculum includes foundational knowledge of economics, management, and the process of developing an innovation strategy for a company.

Before coming to Italy, Mr. Khoi was a software engineer at Ambient Digital, a major advertising and communication service company in Southeast Asia. He also worked for Sentifi, a financial services company, and was a trainee at Sony headquarters in Tokyo, Japan.

Mr. Khoi Tran

Khoi Tran graduated with honors in computer science, spent a year exchanging in Copenhagen Denmark and encountered many new and unique individuals. Mr. Khoi is currently a Software Engineer in San Francisco, CA. With three years of experience, he leads a small team and is waiting for the finalization of his citizenship to return to Vietnam to fight for new challenges and opportunities.

Let's take a look through a selection of photos and see how the cafe morphed into a space with a very intimate atmosphere mixed with a "romantic" ☺

At the session's end, Alumni students not only developed a new view on studying abroad and relevant scholarships, but also acquired a greater motivation to strive to further develop themselves individually. Not only that, they also meet other alumni acquaintances and guest speakers to capitalize on crucial opportunities for networking.

See you at the next Alumni Café!

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