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29/12/2015 | Tags: MDP , GRACE

A new Merit-GRACE journey

VietHope successfully gave scholarships for middle and high school students in Can Gio, HCMC and engaged them in the new format for GRACE enrichment activities last Saturday (27 December, 2015). Let see how the Merit-GRACE team did it.

It all started with a brain-teasing yet productive night meeting 2 weeks earlier

Then the team arrived in Can Gio the night before the Big day to make sure everything was well-prepared ahead.

VietHope visited our beloved students by a G-R-A-C-E train representing 5 values that we wants our students to get familiar with: Gratitude, Respect, Accountability, Courage, Engagement

And finally the part that everyone was waiting for: scholarship award

The day ended in excitement from both students and volunteers and in anticipation of the next session in 2016 summer!

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