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15/12/2017 | Tags:news ,management ,2017


My dear VietHope

2017 is a huge milestone in our 15-year journey of establishment and development to contribute to our homeland Vietnam:
+ 2.259 Merit Scholarship for high school students since 2003
+ 1.665 USP Scholarship for university students since 2004
+ 9 Generations Of Youth Development Summit since 2009
+ 5 Training programs on 5 GRACE values for students since 2012
+ 10 talk shows for young Vietnamese on various practical subjects since 2015

For the past 15 years, it is my pleasure to be from a volunteer to Director of VietHope in Vietnam in summer 2007, during when I have met and worked witha lot of wonderful people in VietHope family. To me, the biggest sucess of VietHope is having TALENTED and DEVOTED YOUNG GENERATIONS who are community-oriented and willing to take the responsibilty of developing VietHope in the new chapter.

With all belief and hope in the Young Generations, on behalf of VietHope I would like to introduce LE PHU DONG to become VietHope’s new Senior Director and take up my position as Interim Representative in Vietnam.

Đông used to be a student of HCMC University of Science, got USP scholarship in 2008, participated in the Youth Development Program in 2009 and became the first generation of this program. Dong has been an active volunteer for many VietHope programs, especially the Youth Workshop Program that he leads has engaged a lot of students both online and offline.

As the theme of the 15th anniversary event “Sailing The Dreams”, VietHope hope that the YOUNG Generation will sail the dream ship “A Prosperous Vietnam” to the Success Land.

I hope all members of VietHope family will continue to support Đông and Young Generations for the future of VietHope!

(Watch VietHope’s 15th anniversary video here: https://youtu.be/vcu_o80vkFw )


Anh Phong

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