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VietHope Fundraising Events

To raise support for our students and bring donors together to build community, VietHope hosts 1-2 in-person events each year. The purpose of the events is to update our strongest supporters on the work, to help them meet each other, and to celebrate the community. VietHope events are typically held in cities where we have strong supporters, such as Boston, Virginia and the San Francisco Bay Area. Check out photos below!

VietHope Student Events

In addition to fundraising activities, VietHope also organizes a variety of activities for students inside and outside VietHope such as workshops from the Youth Workshop Program or soft skills training in training sessions through the Alumni Development Program. These activities are often preferred by many students because they allow them to interact directly with experts and professionals who are experienced in the fields that students are most interested in.

With the advancement of technology and the internet, now wherever you are, you can easily share your knowledge and experience with our students through online teaching tools. Not only that, students from all over the country are able to receive equal and fair training.

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