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Executive Committee Members

Anh Tran

New York

Anh graduated summa cum laude from Bowdoin College with B.A. degree in chemistry and mathematics, and a minor in Economics. Post graduation, Anh spent two years working at Piper Jaffray in the firm’s healthcare investment banking group in New York. Subsequent to Piper Jaffray, Anh joined Tailwind Capital Partners, a middle-market private equity firm based in New York. Anh currently works at P2 Capital Partners, a New York-based hedge fund, as part of the firm’s investment team. Anh joined VietHope in early 2014 and now is the President of VietHope. 

Hien Vuong

San Francisco

Hien is an architect with a long time passion for designing and building sustainable communities, specializing in projects that serve the public such as schools, education centers, and community centers. She volunteers for VietHope because she recognizes the importance of education in lifting people out of poverty and wants to expand her impact beyond the building industry. Her contribution to VietHope in the past has been in organizing fundraising events and staff retreats. In her new capacity as a Vice President of Human Resources, she will help reduce inefficiency of VietHope’s operation and increase effectiveness of its volunteers.

Tien Nguyen

San Francisco

Tien is currently a software engineer at Pinterest. Tien has been volunteering for VietHope since 2015 and been involved in many projects such as VietHope Annual Appreciation Party, staff retreats, and analyzing data. As a VP of VietHope, Tien focuses on organizing VietHope information and documents (both for US and VN operations) and pushes the effort for a new VietHope website. Tien received B.S from National University of Singapore, M.S from University of Washington, Seattle, and Ph.D. (Computer Science) from University of Minnesota, Twin Cities.

Minh Nguyen

San Francisco

Minh has been volunteering for VietHope since 2016 and is currently working on a project to redesign VietHope’s logo and website. Her background as a designer, project manager, and analyst have come in handy for creating infographics, editing copy, and managing paid marketing promotions for VietHope.

She graduated from Yale University with a Bachelor’s of Arts in Architecture.

Director in Vietnam

Phong Le (Ho Chi Minh City)

Mr. Phong Le has a master’s degree in natural resource management, from the Twente University in the Netherlands. Phong has worked as a consultant for a number of large organizations in Vietnam such as GTZ, FAO, AUSAID, and the World Bank. Before joining VietHope, Mr. Phong had 10 year experience working at senior management positions including Southern Regional Manager for ActionAid Vietnam (2007-2010), and Country Director for Room to Read during the period from 2010-2017. Currently Phong is a guest lecturer at the School of Communication and Design, RMIT Vietnam.

With the passion for education and empowering young generation to become future leaders, Phong feels privileged to be part of Viethope and wish to bring in his expertise to contribute to the growth of the organization.

Dong Le

Ho Chi Minh City

Dong Le received a University Scholarship Program (USP) scholarship in 2008 when he was a freshman and participated in the YDP summit in 2009. Currently, he is working as an Assistant Director Intern to set up a YDP-style activities for students throughout the year. He also helps to manage student volunteer. Dong received BS in Electronics and Telecommunications at Vietnam National University Saigon-School of Science and used to work as a Software Test Leader at Viettel Group in Saigon, Vietnam. Now Dong is the new Senior Director cum Interim country representative for VietHope.

Thanh Nguyen

Ho Chi Minh City

Thanh began volunteering for VietHope in 2008 with USP’s application review process, then jumped to the very first Youth Development Summit in 2009 and continued volunteering as an organizing team member and leader in the next Summits. She also has experience working with other student-based and not-for-profit organizations. Thanh graduated from Foreign Trade University in Saigon in 2011 majoring Finance and Banking and is currently working as Advertising & Promotion Executive for Triumph International Vietnam.

VietHope Advisor in Vietnam

Phong Nguyen

Ho Chi Minh City

Phong Nguyen has been in the field of development education since his first-year as a student at the University of Saigon. After graduating in 1997, he worked in many different fields: education, manufacturing, services, and advertising along with working as a volunteer for charities at home and abroad. In 2002, he became a volunteer for VietHope and in 2008, he was asked to serve as VietHope’s head representative in Vietnam, our only paid and full-time employee. Now he is an advisor for Vietnam team.


University Scholarship Program

Minh-Phuong Dang

Ho Chi Minh City

Phuong joined VietHope in Vietnam in 2006, and directs VietHope’s University Scholarship Program. In her role, she coordinates with universities, students, and volunteers in Vietnam and the US to select the final list of scholarship recipients from hundreds of applications each year. She also serves in other charity groups and has many experience in organizing charity activities. Phuong graduated from Saigon University of Economics in 2000 and works with Sales & Marketing.



Duyen Mary Nguyen

Redwood City, CA

Mary currently leads the Local Events & Donation team at VietHope. The team organizes VietHope events throughout the Bay Area and manage donor relationships in the US. Since 2016, Mary has been the representative voice of VietHope on Chuyện Đời, a radio talk show by Dr. Le Phuong Thuy & Ms. Thuy Dung Nguyen in San Jose CA. Mary has a Ph.D. in Communication from Cornell University and is currently a Senior Quantitative UX Researcher at Facebook. If you're interested in donating to, becoming a friend of, or volunteering for VietHope, reach out to her: mary.nguyen@viethope.org

Y-Nhu Nguyen is based in Hanoi and began volunteering for VietHope in 2005. Y-Nhu worked on the core Vietnam team to hold the first VietHope’s Youth Summit Program in 2009. Currently, Y-Nhu coordinates the Public Relations and Fundraising team in Vietnam and supports paperwork for government-related matters. Nhu received her B.A. from the Diplomatic Academy of Vietnam. She currently works for Coca-Cola Beverages Vietnam as a Public Affairs and Communications Manager.

Thu Nguyen

San Jose, CA

Thu joined VietHope as a Fundraising Coordinator in 2015 where she helped establish a systematic method to approach and establish relation with donors. She has also taken part in grant writing and volunteer recruitment team. Currently, Thu is based in the SF Bay Area as Public Relations Manager where she oversees all VietHope fundraising events and partnership establishment with other nonprofit organizations in the SF Bay Area. Thu graduated as San Jose State’s valedictorian with a B.S. in Biochemistry.

For more questions regarding Partnership with VietHope, please email Thu at thu.nguyen@viethope.org.

Minh-Khoa Tran

Washington DC

Minh Khoa Tran started as a research intern for VietHope in Summer 2013. During this initial involvement, he played a leading role in the expansion of VietHope’s partnership with multiple Vietnamese Student Associations in the Mid-Atlanta region through meaningful fundraising projects. Additionally, he helps manage theUniversity Scholarship Program during the application process. Minh Khoa is currently a junior at Georgetown University, double major in Government and Chinese.

Annie Hoang

San Francisco, CA

Annie joined VietHope in 2014 as the Director of the Alumni Program where she helped establish the first alumni network program of over 3000 Viethope scholarship recipients. Now, based in NYC, she works as the Grants & Partnership Development Manager where she oversees all grant activities, supporting efforts in cultivating new, innovative partnerships.

Annie holds a B.S. with Distinction in Molecular Cellular and Developmental Biology Intensive from Yale University and has completed graduate coursework in public policy and international affairs at UC Berkeley.

You can contact her at annie@viethope.org

Quynh Anh Le

Boston, MA

Quynh-Anh has been volunteering with VietHope since December 2008 in various teams such as newsletter, fundraising, grant writing, and volunteer recruitment. Quynh-Anh graduated from Northeastern University with a B.S in Business Administration and dual concentrations in Accounting and Finance. Quynh-Anh is currently an Audit senior assistant at Deloitte.

Nam Tran

Auburn, AL

Phuong Ton

San Francisco

Mindy Chu

San Francisco

Laura Nguyen



Tech Experts

Oanh Nguyen

San Francisco


Yizhuo Chen

Washington D.C.

Anh-Phi Lai


Legal Counsel

Chinh Pham

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