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about your donations

Yes, VietHope accepts donations via PayPal. You can donate here.
Yes. As VietHope is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, your donations are tax deductible. When you donate to us, you will receive a receipt acknowledging your donation that can be used for tax-filing purposes.
100% of your sponsorship or general donation money goes to serve as scholarship funds to the students, and/or to fund the training programs for our university scholars. Our small operating costs are supported by our annual membership dues and our endowment.
All monthly sponsorship dollars go directly to the education of your sponsored child. We use only membership fees and our endowment to cover administrative expenses.
Unless you specify which project(s) you wish the money to go to, VietHope will put your donation in a general fund for either of the scholarship programs or the training or development programs. We do not use any portion of your donation to cover our operational expenses.
Yes, and we will try to honor that request. However, in the event that a project has already been fully funded by the time your donation arrives, we will ask for your permission to use your donation for other projects.
We use membership fees to cover VietHope operational expenses. All directors, officers, and staffers have to pay the annual $50 membership fees. Many of our sponsors and donors also pay the membership fees to become a member of VietHope and to help cover operational expenses.

about the VietHope organization

VietHope is a youth-based, youth-led and primarily volunteer-driven organization. However, VietHope does have three paid staff members, our Executive Director in Vietnam, our Senior Director and our Director who are an integral part of our operations. The Directors coordinate VietHope’s activities in Vietnam, including managing volunteer teams and overseeing operations for all our programs. Outside of the Directors, all other VietHope staff and Board of Directors are volunteers.
VietHope is based in the Boston area, officially recognized by the state of Massachusetts and the US federal government. However, our staff members work from many corners of the world. We communicate mostly through email and teleconferencing.
A play with the typography VH with an emphasis in the V (Viet). The VH is the wind that is carrying the leaf high and far away. VietHope is the organization that provides the lifting force for each VietHope family member to reach their highs in life.
Please take some time to browse this website and do not hesitate to contact us if you still have questions.
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